Auction Registration

We require all participants in the auction to register an account and place a deposit of £50 before they are eligible to bid.

This helps ensure that all bidders in the auction are serious bidders and not time wasters.

All Deposits will be refunded in full to everyone within 7 days of the auction end.

The only reason a deposit will be kept is if you bid successfully and win a lot in the auction,
but then make no arrangements to pay for that lot.

The deposit will then be kept as a commitment charge.

Please Note, Registration only lasts the duration of the Auctions.

At the end of each Auction, your registration to this website will be cleared completely.

This is so we can refresh the registered members and deposits for each Auction we run.

Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to register. You can pay by card through the button below as well.